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Long Tail Keywords: The Internet Salesman’s Best Friend

  June 23, 2008
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  Philip O'Hara
Author: April Hall Internet Copywriter What is the ultimate purpose of the internet? (Wow-I know that's a loaded question that could take forever to answer!) For some, the internet is a source of information. For others, it's a place to interact with friends, play games and enjoy the range of available entertainment. For many of us who work with SEO,...

Answer the Call: Quality Telephone Customer Service is the Hidden Key to SEO Success

  June 20, 2008
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  Philip O'Hara
Author: Philip O'Hara CEO, Directory One I always wonder how many of my customers are successfully responding to sales leads. Good SEO and internet marketing campaigns may successfully send potential clients their way, but because of the way their offices handle the calls, the lead is dropped. Do they even answer the call at all? Is their receptionist starting with...

10 Sure Fire Signs That You Are Dealing With a Bad SEO Company

  June 17, 2008
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  Directory One
Author : Thomson Chemmanoor SEO Coordinator As an SEO specialist, I interact with several people in our field from time to time. Some of them seem to have mastered effective SEO practice, but most show no interest in understanding safe optimization techniques that will stand the test of time.  I'm completely baffled that such mediocrity can exist and it makes...

This Week in Internet Marketing: 6/13/08

  June 13, 2008
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  Directory One
Author : Henry Adaso Internet Copywriter Oh boy, what a week it's been in SEO land. In the past few days or so, we've seen the launch of a revamped version of Google Trends, the rise of Plurk, the all-around drop in traffic, and some SEO battle between the websites of our two presidential candidates. Google Trends - The search...

10 Ways to Get Natural Links for Search Engine Optimization:

  June 9, 2008
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  Directory One
Author : Thomson Chemmanoor SEO Coordinator There is no doubt that the power of backlinks is an important factor to improve your search engine ranking. There are several people trying to game the search engines by falsely inflating backlinks to their site. This methodology of getting links will fail when Google slaps them right on top of their head as...