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  September 14, 2015   Category :     SEO Content Writing |SEO Copywriting   Directory One

With the release of new Google updates to the algorithms used for page rankings, many of the tactics used in search engine optimization no longer work to push a page to the top.  In Stoney G. deGeyter‘s September 11, 2015 article in the Search Engine Journal (found here), the author describes several prior ways of creating page rankings that will no longer work for Google: keyword focused pages, link buying, anchor text optimization, link sculpting, and thin content.  Directory One can handle all of these new rankings requirements, but we’ve chosen to highlight two below as a means of understanding the significance of this change for our customers.

Keyword optimization initially involved creating content on a page that focused on one particular work or short phrase; however, this lead to pages being created with relatively little useful content—merely keywords!  Google now ranks pages according to the usefulness of the content to the user in relation to the keywords.  For example, the keywords on this page is “search engine optimization” and the page will help Directory One rank because it offers the reader helpful information about how search engine optimization changed for his/her website.

A website’s content continues to become more important as the web and search engine algorithms evolve; and for good reason since no one wants to read useless or unhelpful information.  The new focus on content means that websites need pages with content depth and quality information rather than a higher number of pages.  At Directory One, we employ highly skilled writers who understand how to create content that reflects the unique needs of your business while helping your overall search engine rankings.

At Directory One, our web designers and content writers continually work to stay on top of the latest changes to rankings algorithms, search engine query requirements, and business or industry specific developments in order to continually keep your page rankings high.
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