The Value of Keyword Modifiers

  August 7, 2008   Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO   information

Eric Brantner

SEO Writer

We all know that keywords are the foundation of any SEO program. Without them, you have nothing to optimize your site around. So, you have your keywords, but are you getting maximum value out of them?

Keyword modifiers help you get more out of your main keywords. In a way, they help you be in many places at once on the search engines. Here are just a few ways keyword modifiers work to ensure you’re prepared for searches of all types.

Let’s start with a basic keyword: home windows

  • Style and Function– Today’s search engine users are highly sophisticated. When they go to Google, Yahoo, or another search engine, they typically have something fairly specific in mind they wish to search for. For instance, someone looking for home windows, might be interested in finding windows that save energy. In this case, they would search for something along the lines of energy efficient home windows. “Energy efficient” is the keyword modifier to “home windows.” Or, if they were searching for storm windows, they might enter hurricane proof home windows. I could come up with a long list of style/function based keyword modifiers to “home windows” but I think you see the point.
    Brand- Other customers are interested in receiving a certain brand. Consumers are often married to brands, and they refuse to buy from another company. So, instead of just searching for the base keyword, they might have a query like Anderson home windows or Pella home windows. If you sell these brands, but your site isn’t optimized for these keyword modifiers, you probably won’t be among the top sites in the SERPs.
  • Location– Perhaps, the most popular keyword modifiers are based on location. This is especially true for an item like home windows which require professional installation. Users might enter a search phrase such as home windows in Houston or Houston home windows provider. If your business is targeting local customers, you simply must include localized keywords in your SEO plan. Doing so will greatly improve your search rankings and the relevancy of your traffic.

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