The Current Recession: A Bust for Consumers, but a Keywords Goldmine!

  April 28, 2008   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   Philip O'Hara

Author: April Hall

Internet Content Writer

It’s difficult to find anything positive about what is going on in today’s financial climate. The cost of gas is astronomical, and rising. The cost of food is steadily increasing. The housing market is a bust in many communities. Wages are stagnant and even declining. The average American family is struggling to stay afloat financially as they juggle creditors, bills and the rising costs of living. The only thing that seems to be on the rise these days is the unemployment rate. What could possibly be good about the dire state of our economy? There is one bright light at the end of this recession tunnel: keywords abound! The opportunity to create keyword-rich internet content has never been so clear!

No matter what service or product your organization provides, it is bound to be affected by the current financial environment. Certain goods are considered “luxury items”, such as fine jewelry, vacation packages, home remodeling services and designer clothing; these products will surely experience a decline during bleak economic times. Other goods are necessities, and these include food, mechanical repairs and children’s clothing. The purchase of these items may decrease somewhat during hard economic times, but most individuals will continue to find a way to pay for them. The trick for search engine optimization writers is to figure out how the economy is likely going to impact your business, and then to create keyword-rich content that will target those internet users.

An example of this would be a company that offers financial planning and investment strategies could create content that describes how uncertain economic times causes individuals to make poor financial decisions. An article on how to adjust investments and have a long-term approach would be one way to use the keyword “recession” along with other pertinent keywords such as “investment portfolio” and “financial management”. Another business may offer upscale clothing and worry about how to keep internet users coming to their eCommerce website if they are worried about their next paycheck. A few articles about how an economic recession causes some people to think about buying used designer clothing, or how quality clothing is always worth the costs, even during a recession, could help the business’ internet marketing strategy stay on track.

The goal of good internet content campaign is to capture internet searchers who are researching a particular topic. What topic is more on the minds of searchers than this looming economic recession? Make some lemonade out of these sour financial lemons and incorporate recession keywords into your own internet marketing campaign. You may just find that your own finances will become a bit less bleak.

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