3 Reasons You Should Use Yahoo Answers

  July 24, 2008   Category :     Social Networking   information

Eric Brantner
SEO Writer

The social nature of the internet has given rise to an array of answer websites. The most popular of these sites is Yahoo Answers. Essentially, Yahoo Answers is a website where users pose questions to the community. Members of the community then chime in with their take on the subject, and the community votes on the answer they feel is best. To the casual internet user this might seem like nothing more than a simple medium for gathering information, but to an SEO savvy person it’s an obvious haven for increasing your online presence. What follows is a list of 3 reasons you should include Yahoo Answers in your SEO arsenal.

  1. Exposure to New Audience- Yahoo Answers has an abundance of visitors from all backgrounds on their network. Questions are asked in categories for nearly every niche imaginable. You can answer the questions for your specialty, and have your thoughts viewed by a whole new set of readers. If you provide thoughtful answers, this new audience will take notice of your insight. You can use Yahoo Answers to build your name, authority, and brand. Some of these readers may even follow you back to your website to read more of your thoughts.
  2. Inbound Links- Of course, readers couldn’t follow you back to your site unless you provided them with a link. This is another benefit of using Yahoo Answers- you get inbound links to your website. The inbound links help you on multiple levels. First, it directs interested users to your domain. Secondly, the inbound links help build your standing with the search engines. Inbound links earn the search engines’ trust and improve your rankings on them. In other words, answering these questions is a wise SEO strategy for improving your online visibility.
  3. Get Ideas for SEO Content- As you may know, creating new, optimized content for your website is the best way to earn the attention and trust of the search engines. Google, Yahoo, and the others give credibility to websites that are updated consistently on a long-term basis. The one problem with this is it can be difficult to come up with content ideas day in and day out. One thing I’ve discovered is browsing through Yahoo Answers can help get rid of writer’s block almost every time. Simply browse through some questions relevant to your niche to find ideas for subjects you can create content around. Optimize this content for the right keywords, and you will be implementing a proven SEO strategy of generating quality, optimized content.

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