Yelp for Business Owners

  July 1, 2011   Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO,   Social Media Marketing | Social Networking,   Social Networking,   Website Marketing   Philip O'Hara

Houston SEO companies like Directory One know that having your business listed on can greatly influence a local buyer’s decision. Yelp is growing in popularity and is steadily becoming one of the best local business review websites on the internet changing the way we think of word-of-mouth marketing. It occurred to me that I should write a blog entry all about Yelp after a client of mine mentioned he had never heard of Yelp. His Yelp business listing was unclaimed so he had no way of tracking his visits or replying to any reviews. When he received a negative review it went unanswered and that is the worst thing you can do as a business owner. What he should have done was privately respond to the review and try to resolve what was causing the negative review in the first place. This may sway the reviewer to revise his original negative review and change his mind about the company. When a reviewer receives a private or public message from a company apologizing and offering a solution the reviewer will suddenly feel more appreciated and that their concerns are not being ignored. Also with Yelp a business owner can drive customers to their business by announcing special offers. Business owners can even track visits, add photos and a detailed business description. So, what are you waiting for? Create a business listing on Yelp today! And if your business already has a listing, be sure to claim it and start making the most out of your Yelp business listing.

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