Web Design or SEO: Which Comes First?

  August 17, 2009   Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO   Philip O'Hara

Web design or SEO: Which comes first? It appears to be the age-old chicken and the egg controversy if you listen to many web designers discussing this topic. But the real question may be this. Does one actually have to come before the other?

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The realities of posting your business website out into the cyberspace world are that whatever service or product you are selling is also being sold by countless others. Okay, perhaps not countless others, but typically thousands, if not millions of other companies are competing with you for the massive amount of exposure that is obtained by having a business web presence.

This fact puts web designers in high demand. Everyone who wants their business to grow is trying to make sure that they are benefiting from advertising online. Unfortunately, there is a very common misunderstanding regarding having a business website live online.

Why Doesn’t My Website Show Up In Internet Searches?

“If you build it they will come.” That would be wonderful if it were true, however this is a misconception that many web designers do not attempt to explain as being a fallacy to their customers. Yes, if you build a web page to sell a product or service that no one else in the entire world is selling, then it is likely that when people search on the key words and phrases that come to mind with regard to that offering, that you might have a chance of being located online. However, two points must be made with regard to this concept.

  • If no one else in the world is selling it, is it really very sellable? How will the public even know to look for it or that it exists if it is a product or service that people would actually purchase?
  • Even a brand new product line on the market will have corresponding terms that will connect with other products and services. Your customers might try to find your new and improved product when they surf the web and come up with results about everything except what they are looking for if your website is not optimized.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization. The term itself scares many business owners trying to figure out how to benefit from engaging in Internet Marketing. To be honest, it even frightens most web designers. When asked about SEO they will often skirt around the topic as much as possible to try and redirect the conversation to that which they do understand, basic web design.

If your website is not optimized, however, no one will be able to find it amidst the mass of other companies advertising online and using optimization methods themselves. Your web design expenditure will be returning very little, if any of your investment and your opinion of the effect of Internet marketing will be skewed by your lack of experiencing any positive results for your company.

So, then, acknowledging the importance of SEO in partnership with web design, which comes first?

Internet Marketing and Web Design

The most effective Internet marketing campaign will partner both web design and SEO services from the very beginning of the online marketing campaign’s inception.

Details regarding what domain to choose, how to structure the HTML code and the education process that is involved from the very beginning to ensure that your website performs at the highest possible level are all pieces of information that you can only obtain by working directly with a knowledgeable SEO firm from start to finish and beyond.

Directory One provides SEO web design to help their clientele to avoid the financial pitfalls involved in working only with a web design company and then having to back-track on a large amount of work, sometimes doubling your expenses, while attempting to make your business web presence available to the public through key word and key phrase searches in the search engine results pages.

Being satisfied with just being somewhere on the Internet and hoping that your potential customer base might trip over your site by accident is not taking advantage of the profit potential awaiting you through Internet marketing.

SEO and web design must work in parallel in order to achieve the desired effect for your business. Once your website is designed in an optimized manner, there will then be additional work to build and grow your online presence, as well as to compete with other online company listings.

Your priority should be in getting your website to the first page of Google through the various SEO methods at your disposal. Save yourself time and money by calling Directory One today at 713-465-0051 to build your website while at the same time optimizing your website.

Web design and search engine optimization must go hand in hand in order to receive the benefits of having an online presence.


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