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When you are looking to contract someone for search engine optimization and internet marketing services, you want to make sure that they know how to advertise in your specific field. Each industry or job field has its own services, publications, and organizations; these domain-specific outlets are the most effective way to market your business and are the best use of your money. Directory One is a Houston-based SEO firm that specializes in vertical marketing. Below are some of the fields that our clients have come from.

Medical Marketing

With so many physicians and medical specialists concentrated in our area, it can be very difficult set yourself apart from the rest. Directory One is equipped with experienced medical writers that can write knowledgeable, patient-friendly content that will help your website rank organically. Moreover, we can submit and maintain listings on special medical directories, like and

Legal Marketing

As with doctors, there is also a high concentration of lawyers in the Houston area. Luckily, we have a team of writers that are adept at writing about legal issues and can create original, optimized content and blog posts. From probate law to criminal defense, Directory One has taken on clients who practice all kinds of law. We can also set up and maintain essential directory listings relevant to the legal field, like Avvo.

In terms of web design, we are familiar with legal restrictions concerning images and content and are well equipped to create an attractive website that works within the limitations of the Board.


Pre-engineered metal building manufacturers need writers that have both technical knowledge and an understanding of the certification required in the industry. Over the years, we have learned how to advertise effectively in this industry. In terms of web design, we are experienced in making large photo galleries with fast load times.

Manufacturing and Industrial Services

Houston is an industrial city, and we serve the businesses that make that industrial sector thrive. From suppliers and distributors to manufacturers and service teams, Directory One has helped a variety of businesses improve their visibility. In addition to technical writing, we submit and maintain our clients’ listings on some of the most popular engineering directories around the globe. Web design is interactive and we also produce corporate videos for advertisement and demos.

Auto Repair Marketing

Over the years, we have worked with a number of auto repair shops in the greater Houston area. Over time, our writers have learned much about automobiles and are confident in their ability to produce original and accurate content concerning car care.

In addition to optimized content, we work with our clients to engage in relevant auto forums to spread the word about their shop and increase backlinking.

Local Services

As opposed to larger SEO companies, we are have one physical location, and it is in Houston, TX. We know our city and therefore we know how to market your business accordingly. Our team will work with you directly to make sure that we target the right audience for your business.

Quality vertical marketing will get you the clients that you want. If you are looking for industry-related internet marketing, call 713.465.0051

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