Strategic Use of Keywords Is Pivotal When It Comes To Search Engine Marketing

  September 6, 2007   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   Directory One

Author: Erica Evans
Directory One, Inc.
SEO Content Writer

Anyone who knows a little bit about search engine marketing will tell you that content is a necessity. What few people realize however, is the importance of high ranking keywords in titles, page headings and throughout the body of the content itself. Without the strategic use of keywords in such areas, websites are just blank properties in cyberspace, that don’t often see visitors. While this can be frustrating, increasing traffic to your site can be made easier by using keywords appropriately.

For instance, if I am a personal injury lawyer in Houston that specializes in DUIs, I may word the title of my article to read “Houston DUI & Personal Injury Lawyer”. While this doesn’t seem at all imaginative and pretty generic, this simplistic approach will lead search engine users directly to me when they search for a Houston personal injury lawyer who specializes in DUIs. Placing keywords, within the body of an article, will also help maximize the number of site visitors you receive.

In the end, websites are marketing tools that pitch a company or a service to site visitors by means of cyberspace. If your site doesn’t have visitors, your content isn’t being read and your products and services aren’t being marketed–and without marketing the end of your company can’t be too far behind.

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