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SEO website marketing must tend to the appropriate keyword density for your website. Keyword density refers to the percentage of times a keyword or keyword phrase appears in your content when compared to the total number of words in your content.

Keyword density isn’t about what keywords or keyword phrases you use, but when you use them and how often. If you use too few keywords then you won’t achieve your highest possible ranking on the search engines; use too many and you run the risk of being accused of keyword stuffing.

The optimum keyword density for primary keywords is 1 to 3 percent and 1 to 2 percent for secondary keywords. Website marketing firms use the formula (NKR / TKN) * 100 to determine the keyword density of content. NKR is the number of times your keyword is repeated within your specific content, divided by TKN, the total number of words in the content, multiplied by 100. The formula for determining the keyword phrase density is a slightly different: (NKR * NWP / TKN) * 100, with NWP representing number of words in your keyword phrase.

Proper levels of keyword density will allow your site to rank well with the search engines. For more information on keyword density and other SEO concepts that can help your business grow, contact Internet website marketing company Directory One at or 713-465-0051. The Houston search engine optimization experts at Directory One have been helping small, medium and large companies achieve their SEO website marketing goals for many years.

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