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Google Builds New Social Media Services for SEO/SEM

Houston search engine optimization services like to state the obvious sometimes: Google has a lot going on lately. In case you’ve been too busy to keep up with each new development as it is unleashed, read the following to catch up.

First there was the new version of Google Analytics. If you still haven’t noticed the new interface, open up your Analytics account.  To the left of your account name at the top right half of the navigation header is the phrase “New Version” in red. This is a link! Click on in to transfer over to the new version.

The new Google Analytics is similar to the old version, only the interface provides a broader expanse of customization in the reporting. This allows greater control over web analysis and the ability to slice and dice your web data any way that you need to. The Goals toolbar is now called “Conversions,” which breaks up into “Goals” and “Ecommerce,” for custom funnel visualization.

Google is working on integrating Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. We can expect for Google to continue developing the new Google Analytics interface in the near future. A Social function has already been added this week, which tracks visitor social interaction on Facebook, Google +1, and Twitter. If your company does not have links to these services on your website, our Houston website design company and Houston Internet marketing services can help you set these up.

Google +1 is the new “Like” button for your website. If you have a Gmail profile,  click the +1 button when you see it to let your contacts know that you recommend the site. These recommendations by contacts in your network show up on Google searches along with the url and page description.

Coinciding with but not to be confused with the new social button Google +1, Google has also released it’s own social network called Google +. This network has been compared to a Facebook with greater privacy control and no newsfeed. An account holder has the option to create circles of friends that are allowed access to types of information.

That’s a lot of new social networking to keep up with! These new platforms are released following the Panda update last February, which integrated social network activity into SEO Website Marketing.

The icing on the Google cake is a redesign of the familiar Gmail interface. Google is designing an aesthetically pleasing front end of Gmail to integrate with the new social network and keep up with user demand. Don’t worry, it’s the same Gmail account that it was before. If you have any questions about Google’s new developments, contact Houston SEO Company Directory One at (713) 465-0051.

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