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Pay Per Click

Directory One wants to help you obtain customers on or off the internet. We strive to do what others do not do by being up front and simple about our services. We bring you some simple reasons why the advantages of pay per click or paid search are better than most advertising channels.


As a business, you can target anyone within the area you want to target. Google and other PPC search engine can target who clicks on your ads by reading the address of the computer. Say you only want to target potential customers within 10 miles of your business, you can. This feature can eliminate costs that make most business owners love the service.

Mass Targeting

On the other hand, you can literally reach out to a potential customer in Canada if wanted to. There are no limitations to where you can advertise.

Ad Scheduling

Say you don’t want to run your ads at night because you do not have staff to answer the phone or respond to an email, you don’t have to run your ads at night.

Screening Your Customers

Say you wanted to screen a customer to see if he has an email, phone number, health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, married, old, young, male, female – you can, have the ad send them to a page to fill out some information and you can contact them later.

Website – No Website

With Pay Per Click Advertising, you don’t need a website, if you have one great. If you don’t, then you can send them to a form hosted by us.

Tracking Your Customer Origin and Destination

Don’t you want to know where your customers came from? How did they find you? With Pay per Click, you can track them by phone or email and find out where they end up. This is the most tricky and complicated part of Pay Per Click or Internet Advertising in general, but if done properly you can gain valuable information about your customers and your business.

Complete Control over your advertising

With visibility and precise targeting of your internet advertising with our help you can maximize your advertising budget to get the most for less.

It’s like having your very own advertising agency for pennies on the dollar.

You tell us how much you want to spend for an action taken by your potential customer. You can demand that you only want to spend a certain amount each month. You can turn on or off these ads anytime and return anytime, instantly. You have complete control. That’s the real advantage over any other advertising method.

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