Pay Per Click – A Case to Use it for Small Businesses

  January 28, 2009   Category :     Pay Per Click Marketing | PPC Management   Directory One

As a former small business owner I can say that I wish I had the pay per click program or Google Adwords when I was running my business.  The money I spent on other advertising channels looking back now, was not worth it.  I couldn’t tell how many customers came from my ads I placed in a local Chinese bi-weekly.  All I knew was I wanted to target the community and paid $400 a month for this bi-weekly and I had several other newspaper I was using.  And because of traditional education, I thought top-of-mind awareness is the sure way to generate leads or get new customers through the door.  I had a website, but didn’t know anything about Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click to generate business.

Fast forward 6 years and I now work for an SEO company.  I can assure you, small businesses can get quality leads to use their products and services because search is “intent”.  The customer “intent” is what he is searching for, that alone is 50% of the whole process of customer acquisition.  The customer is doing the work for you or us.  The customer is saying he or she is looking for your product or services.

In this ailing and changing economy, the last thing you want to do is not know how to spend your advertising money but you already knew that.  I have probably said things you’ve already known, so the question is:  If you’re not using paid search or pay per click, can you afford not to?

Everyday, someone is looking for your products or services.  We can help you put your company or your competition in front of those customers. If you give us a call first we won’t help your competitors…that is guaranteed!

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