Listing your Site in Directories like Yahoo, DMOZ, and Check Houston!

  March 18, 2007
  Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing
  Philip O'Hara
Author: Philip O'Hara CEO Houston Search Engine Marketing Company Listing your website with other sites on the Internet is a tricky and sometimes costly thing to do. Yahoo, Google and MSN spiders crawl websites and then reports back to the search portal on how many links it finds for a given site on other sites. The best kind of links...

Grow Your Sales With Search Engine Marketing People Communication

  March 14, 2007
  Category :     SEM Companies | SEO Companies
  Directory One
Author: Philip O'Hara CEO, Founder & Sales Communicator When introducing your staff to your customers, let them know you have the goods and services behind you. Customers appreciate the time you and your staff will take communicating with them.  It is important that everyone of my employee's communicate with the customers every day. Our goal is that each employee at...

Directory One, Inc. SEO Classes & Video Series

  March 10, 2007
  Category :     SEM Companies | SEO Companies
  Directory One
Author: Philip O'Hara Today's post is happening during a Video we are doing to help Web Designers and SEO people learn how to get their sites ranking in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Jeremy Brake, Josh Cornett, and Amir Zaman are teaching us the ropes. Amir is teaching the Internet Marketing or SEO class at Rice starting next week, so five...

Search Engine Marketing for Houston Texas Physicians and Attorneys.

  March 7, 2007
  Category :     SE Vertical Marketing
  Directory One
Author: Philip O'Hara CEO & Founder Directory One, Inc. has added three more employee's this week. We added a new receptionist and a new SEO writer. On Monday, we also had a new accounting person start. This makes 4 really good search engine optimizers on our team, David Ogletree, Amir Zaman, Herb Firestone, and Terri Stevens. Pablo Gomez and Arthur...

Web Design with SEO in Mind!

  February 26, 2007
  Category :     Web Design | Website Redesign
  Directory One
Author: Philip O'Hara Website Marketing Expert You often hear tales of someone who gets a website and they are making hundreds and thousands of dollars on the web. How is this possible? Is this possible? It is possible but you must have a marketing machine behind the website. It cost money! People who think they are going to build a...