Link Building: 5 Reasons You Should Start Building Links Today

  May 29, 2008   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing,   SEO Link Building   Directory One

Author: Henry Adaso
Web Copywriter

Link building, a term which generally refers to the strategies people implore in order to attract inbound links, is a good way to improve search engine ranking. Web users sometimes worry that building links too fast might land them on Google’s bad side. The truth is, as long as you’re building links organically it doesn’t matter how fast you do it. I’ll get back to that later, but for now, here are 5 reasons to get started with link building:

  • It gets you noticed: Link building gets you clean, direct (almost always free) click-through traffic. If you’ve been blogging for a while with no real traffic success, link building just might be the tool you need to get closer to your dream of becoming a webtrepreneur.
  • Your readers will like you better: Your readers come to you for the unique insight you have to offer, but they also like to get other people’s perspectives on the same issues. So, linking off to fresh web content elsewhere that they may not have noticed will make them happy campers.
  • Google will like you better: Linking to legitimate sites is a great way to improve Google ranking — even better, if they link back to you. As I mentioned earlier, the key is in cultivating links naturally.
  • Others will appreciate your gesture — and probably return the favor: Directing your readers to valuable content on other people’s sites engenders a feeling of gratitude on the other side. It’s still one of the most effective reciprocal linking strategies.
  • All the cool people are doing it: Take a look around. Every successful site is making link connections (internal and external) these days. It’s the Internet version of neighborhood block parties, minus the ol’ skool boombox.

One more thing (aka fine print):
Not all links will get you the search engine optimization success you’re looking for. Linking to scam websites or other “bad” sites, for example, is an easy way to get penalized by search engines. In the same vein, starting a random blog about gulpers and purchasing 10,000 inbound links in one day isn’t exactly smart link building technique. Peruse the website you’re linking to and see if it can be valuable to your readers. Reciprocal link is better than no link at all. Form good relationships with other bloggers. That will enable you to send brief, polite link requests to them whenever you have something unique to offer.
Keep in mind that it may take a while before your efforts start to yield dividends, so exercise some patience.
Happy link building!

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