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Internet Website Marketing

Internet website marketing experts know that the right amount and type of keywords will enable your site to achieve the best rankings on the search engines. Keywords come in two types: primary keywords and secondary keywords. Primary keywords consist of the most popular words or phrases used for Internet searches. And while primary keywords are chosen to have the most impact when it comes to optimizing your web pages, the use of secondary keywords can be effective too, especially when it comes to ranking in local searches.

Secondary keywords are designed to support the primary keywords. For example, if “Automobile Repair” is your primary keyword phrase, secondary keywords might include “auto repair”, “automobile maintenance” or “automobile service and repair”. If your business mainly serves a local market – say Houston, Texas – then secondary keywords like “Automobile Repair in Houston” or “Houston Auto Repair” secondary keywords may be as important a factor as your primary keywords. Even though “Houston Automobile Repair” may not rank as high as “Automobile Repair”, this secondary keyword phrase will allow you to more accurately zero in on your target audience.

Secondary keywords allow for a more natural kind of content – content that doesn’t rely on repeating the same keyword phrases over and over again. They can both expand and narrow the reach of your content – allowing your site to attract visitors that know exactly what they’re looking for as well as browsers who aren’t sure exactly what they’re looking for.

Well-optimized content, whether it’s an article, blog entry or product description contains a healthy combination of primary keywords and secondary keywords.

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