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Successful Houston SEO & website marketing firms like Directory One use search engine optimization as an effective strategy for promoting your business online. However, many of the technical terms and jargon used in Houston website marketing can be unfamiliar or confusing, making it difficult to grasp some of the key concepts of SEO. The folks at Directory One would like to help clarify the terms used in Houston SEO marketing. Here’s the second entry in our continuing glossary of common SEO terms and phrases:

Business to Business

Also known as “inbound links” – refers to links which point to a website.

Excessive search engine spam by an individual or group of websites which can result in a search engine penalty

The amount of data that can be transferred in a given amount of time.

An advertising banner displayed on a site used to advertise another website or service.

SEO practices, like cloaking, that are forbidden under Google’s search engine rules. Black Hat practices can result in a search engine penalty.

A blog is an online journal or diary posted by an individual or groups. Blogs usually feature opinions and news that is updated regularly. Most blogs allow visitors to post comments or ask questions.
The person who writes a blog.

Abbreviation for robot. Also known as a spider, bots are the software programs that scan the web performing various tasks, such as indexing web pages for search .

The emotional response associated with your company and/or products. A brand is built through controlling customer expectations and the social interactions between customers.

A hyperlink which does not lead to the desired location.

Need more information? Houston Search Engine Optimization experts Directory One are here to can help you better understand the SEO terms and concepts that will allow you to successfully market your business or organization online. Many of these Houston Internet marketing tactics are as easy to implement as they are effective in increasing the traffic to your website. Contact Directory One today and let this leading Houston SEO Company show you how search engine optimization can help your business grow.

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