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  June 23, 2011   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing,   Website Marketing   Philip O'Hara

Restaurant websites are some of the most-searched types of local businesses, so an effective website is an excellent way for Houston restaurants to promote their businesses.

The number one type of content viewed on a restaurant website is the menu.  Because of this, an online menu should be optimized so that search engines can spider them and use their content to improve a restaurant’s ranking.

Formatting is important. Avoid scanned image menus. Displaying an image of your printed menu doesn’t attract the search engine spiders. They don’t see the information (menu items) contained within the image, only the image itself. Flash animation menus have the same problem.

The menu should appear as a text or PDF file with specific keywords used. There should be a link to the menu from your homepage. Make your menu easy to read – choose an appropriate font size and don’t use elaborate fonts. List your daily specials. Make sure your menu items are in English, despite the national origins of the items being offered. Don’t forget to display your prices – this is an important enticement to potential customers.  You don’t have to cram all this information onto one page.  Break your menu down into sections – not only will this allow you to utilize more keywords but will also provide more specific information to your customers.

As for content, to stand out from the crowd, focus on the elements that make your restaurant unique.  For instance, does your restaurant serve locally grown food or offer special dietary dishes? This can provide important information for your potential customers when they’re deciding on place to dine.

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