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  August 24, 2007   Category :     Computer Security Consulting   Directory One

Author: Jeremy Brake
Directory One, Inc.
Web Development & Optimization Expert

There is more to Google than you know. Some people just search while others may find ways to compromise your central processing unit (CPU) or a server. Google is a very powerful tool to hackers that are trying to track down exploits or vulnerabilities in systems. Here is what a hacker might do to compromise your system.

To use these methods you will need to go to Google and type in the commands after the —> into their search bar….

Remote Desktop Connection —> “VNC Desktop” inurl:5800

Compromise Unix User and Passwords —> filetype:pwd service

To Find Sensitive Information such as passwords and financial stuff
—> filetype:bak inurl:”htaccess | passwd | shadow | htusers”

Database Hacking —> filetype:properties inurl:db intext:password

IIS Hacking —> intitle:”Welcome to IIS 4.0″

Edu Hacking —> “not for distribution” confidential site:edu

Hackers use all of these techniques above to compromise a system. After they compromise it, they will use it to hop around and hack other computers; at least that would be the way a smart hacker would go so he would not be found. This is one of many attacks that internet hackers may use.

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