Google Bot Chrome: How to Use it in Your Favor

  December 18, 2012   Category :     Internet Marketing News,   Search Engine Optimization | SEO,   Web Design | Website Redesign   Philip O'Hara

The way Google crawls your page has serious implications for how your website ranks, meaning our search engine optimization techniques must adjust accordingly. The newest GoogleBot Chrome is not simply a text-based crawler like the ones of the past, but attempts to emulate users interacting with the site.

GoogleBot Chrome
While GoogleBot has been executing Jacvascript and hitting URLs that the Javascript creates for some time now, it is speculated that the new and improved bot also evaluates the page layout to detect any keyword stuffing hidden by Javascript. Moreover, there is evidence that the bot also measures request time vs. page loaded time. Search engine optimization now requires a lot more than link building and keyword placement; Directory One can help!

Clean Web Design

Since GoogleBot can render a page, so it knows where the content is and what is on the page itself. What does this mean in terms of search engine optimization, though? Well, if ads dominate your website, Google may deduce that your website isn’t focusing on customer satisfaction as much as it is focusing on making money. Also, Google can probably detect if your navigation is efficient and if your layout works well. If your website has the qualities found in “bad” sites, then your keyword ranking may begin to drop.

Directory One can look at your website with a fresh perspective and target areas in your layout that may need adjusting. Our talented team of web designers can improve your website and maintain it so that it is always up-to-date with the current trends.

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