Are You Delicious-ly Backlinked?

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Are you Delicious-ly backlinked?

Most of us know Delicious as someplace you can create an account and store all your favorite links just in case your computer crashes. Many of us have an account with hundreds of stored sites we might use for just about anything.

Call it insurance against fatal disk error.

It’s not

  • Mounds of chocolate
  • Fruity umbrella drinks on an incredible white sand beach
  • Unlimited vacation days at work

While you were using Delicious as a personal bookmarking site to prevent the loss of your favorite URLs, it has evolved into something more powerful.  Delicious is a high authority, respected site.

You wouldn’t bookmark a site that you didn’t like or wasn’t exactly what you were looking for, would you?

High authority sites are exactly what you need for backlinks.

Delicious Backlinks

Delicious’ potential comes from the ability to tag the URLs that you save. A tag gives the search engines complete information what the web page is about. Every time you tag a URL using Delicious, you are creating a backlink to the site that the robots follow.

How Delicious Backlinks Work

The power of Delicious lies in the RSS feed. For those of you who don’t know, RSS is an acronym for Real Simple Syndication. It’s similar to a newsfeed that lets you know when a particular news story (or web content) is updated when you subscribe to a particular feed.

Whenever you tag one of your URLs in Delicious, that URL is added to Delicious’ RSS feed. This creates new, natural backlinks for the robots to follow.

When you tag one of your URLs, you can verify that they have been added to Delicious’ RSS feed. You can search for the tag in your account and see the RSS icon and individual feed, or you can add your username to Delicious username).

Getting the Most out of Delicious Backlinking

Now that you know all your tagged URLs create Delicious backlinks, you can set to getting the most from logging into your account and making sure that you have all your webpages Delicious-ly tagged. Once you’ve done this, there are several things you can do to get the most out of Delicious.

  1. Use TwitterFeed to automatically add your Delicious RSS feeds and retweet your webpages,
  2. If you’re using WordPress, use one the of RSS aggregator plug-ins to pull everything that’s in your Delicious feed and post it to your site, creating new content,
  3. Set up Twitter to pick up the new content on your site and Retweet it,
  4. Set up your Google alerts to give you a heads up when other websites reference your content and add those pages.

Delicious-ly backlinking is as simple as that. Just make sure the URLs you add to your Delicious account are set to public and not private, set up your Twitter feeds, and tag away. After all, you want to share your URLs and have other tag them.

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