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  July 13, 2011   Category :     SEO Link Building   Philip O'Hara

SEO website marketing companies know that one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your business’ ranking in the search engines is getting citations.

In the real world, receiving a citation is usually a bad thing. In the world of the internet, things are just the opposite; SEO citations are an effective way to increase your company’s ranking in the search engines.

On the internet, a citation means your business name and address has been mentioned on another website.  They are important because Google search spiders look for citations during their web crawls, awarding you a point for every citation about your business they discover.  The more citations your business gets, the more points it earns, which translates into a higher search engine ranking.

Increasing the number of citations isn’t a difficult task. Citations only have to mention your business name and address – they don’t have to be links leading to your web site. One way to rack up the citations is to make sure your company is listed in as many local and national business directories as possible. Joining professional and community organizations like the Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau is another way to get citations.  Leaving a comment on a website with your business name or address counts as a citation. Reviews are considered a citation as well – be sure to ask your customers to leave reviews on local sites.

Just remember, don’t overdo it.  Too many citations too quickly could attract the wrong attention from the search spiders – Google doesn’t like businesses that yank their chains.  Build your citations in a slow, steady organic process.

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