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How SEM & SEO choose your internet marketing company

  October 12, 2013
  Category :     Search Engine Marketing | SEM
  Philip O'Hara
Did you know that search engine marketing and search engine optimization determine your choice of internet marketing companies? Most Houston business owners expect the internet to increase sales. They erroneously assume a website will skyrocket their bottom line overnight. When the phone doesn’t start ringing or online sales go up, they find an internet marketing company to help. Business owners...

Why is online content promotion so … challenging?

  August 9, 2013
  Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing
  Philip O'Hara
When I was in school in Houston, I learned that the 4 P’s of marketing are Product Place Price Promotion Don’t get bored yet. Online content promotion is the crucial part of internet marketing. You already have your first 3 Ps. Your website contains pages that get your business and products found, along with all the other advertising things you...

8 ways get unfollowed on Twitter really fast

  August 4, 2013
  Category :     Twitter Social Networking
  Philip O'Hara
Houstonians, and most of the nation, tweet and retweet all the cool stuff. No doubt about it, Twitter is the fastest way to share news and keep updated on the people and things that interest us. It’s short, 140 characters or less, sweet, and to the point. Businesses are taking advantage of social media marketing more and more. After all,...

12 Tips for writing Facebook copy that gets you noticed

  July 10, 2013
  Category :     SEO Content Writing |SEO Copywriting,   Social Media Marketing | Social Networking
  Philip O'Hara
You’ve just spent a few hours writing that great content for your website. You’ve researched the keywords, the topic, and finally decided on the tack to take with the information. It’s up on your site, and you’re ready to tell your Facebook fans about your new masterpiece. Just a minute. Did you know that your Facebook status update needs to...

Houston Internet Maketing Tips: The Power of Reviews

  July 5, 2013
  Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing
  Philip O'Hara
As a Houston internet marketing company, we are constantly trying to find techniques that our clients can use to boost their rankings without having to spend the extra cash. One of the most powerful SEO tools businesses have at their disposal are customer reviews. These differ from the traditional testimonial you may have posted on your website. Reviews are posted...