Business Blogs: Best Left to Professionals, or Do-It-Yourself?

  May 28, 2008   Category :     Blogging | SEO Blogging   Philip O'Hara

Author: April Hall
Internet Copywriter

After reading Henry’s blog yesterday it’s clear that although business blogs can’t be the end-all for your marketing plan, they are a great way to augment your internet advertising campaign. Blogs are usually easy to read, provide some personal insight into the organization and are a great way to promote social networking. But for busy business owners, the question becomes: do you try to squeeze in blogging into your already stressed workday; or do you leave this type of writing to professional copywriters?

I can do it!

Many business professionals believe (and rightly so) that they know more about their business than anyone else. No matter how many balls they already have in the air, there are some individuals who choose to add yet one more: the title of a business blogger. And, there are some definite advantages to maintaining a business blog yourself:

  • You know all there is to know about your industry, as well as about your organization. No independent research will be required to write intelligently about even the most obscure part of what your company offers. A successful business owner not only knows about their company, but they love talking about it, as well.
  • You have a vested interest in the success of the blog. To you, the blog is not just another project, it is an integral part of the success of your organization. You will approach each entry as a way to promote your business and increase your profitability. What better motivation could there be?
  • You may be able to save money on internet marketing costs. This is an important consideration, particularly for small businesses that have to watch every advertising dime. However, before you put too much weight on saving money, keep in mind that you may reap more benefits with a professionally-written blog than you would with an average blog that you write yourself.

I could; I just choose not to…

After a while, you may decide that blogging is fun, but it’s taking up too much of your time. There are some great reasons to choose a professional copywriting service to handle blogging for you:

  • Thorough research on intricate topics. Using keywords, a professional blogger can drive people to your site who may otherwise never have found it. They can draw out aspects of your organization that are keyword-rich; and after some research, write very good blog entries about it. You might be surprised at how intelligently a professional writer can write about the services you offer your customers.
  • No added responsibility for your workday. Wouldn’t it be great to just visit your site and voila! A new blog entry is magically there? This can happen if you hire a web development company that offers blogging services. Just make sure you have found a reputable company that can demonstrate proven results for previous clients.

What pros and cons have you guys found when it comes to professional blogging versus do-it-yourself?

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