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  August 4, 2008   Category :     Blogging | SEO Blogging   Philip O'Hara

Author: April Hall

SEO Copywriter

While we would all like to assume that we are resident experts within our chosen industry, the truth of the matter is that we all have a lot to learn about our business, about our customers and about business blogging in general.

Radio Blog, an Internet radio show, provides some great information about why guest blogging can be a great way to provide some “relief” content for your own business blog (just ignore the random talk about raking leaves and prepping rooms for painting!):

So, what about your own business blog? Why should your company consider inviting other industry professionals to post to your site?

  1. It gives your regular bloggers a chance to explore other projects. While it’s true that many blog entries don’t take a lot of time, they can become somewhat monotonous day after day… Even those of us who really enjoy blogging appreciate a week or two away from WordPress–it really makes it a welcome return once we blog again!
  2. It can give your readers the chance to enjoy blog entries that have a different style and tone than your regular posts. Every writer has a unique style that identifies their work. Great as this style may be (and I am quite fond of my own witty, yet informative style… No laughing.), business blogs may get boring if they are not “shaken up” every once in a while.
  3. The guest blogger will enjoy increased traffic to their own site (and will hopefully return the favor!). Most guest bloggers will agree that after a turn writing on another company’s site, they will see increased traffic as readers venture away to find out what their company is all about. Don’t be shy about asking the guest blogger to return the favor and give you a turn guest blogging on their site!
  4. Your readers will learn from a different prospective; and readers who learn tend to return! If your loyal blog readers come to expect your blog to provide informative content on a range of topics, they will keep coming back for more! And, isn’t that the point of a business blog? (Well that, and to provide an open space for bloggers to share their ideas?)

So, what’s up? Are any of you interested in a guest turn blogging for Directory One?

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