An Internet Opportunity for the Small Business Community: The Rise of the Blogs

  May 9, 2008   Category :     Blogging | SEO Blogging   Philip O'Hara

Author: April Hall

Internet Copywriter

Although the blogging community has been around for going on ten years now, it has only been in the last few years that average businesses have begun to recognize the value of this type of internet presence. Many small businesses who would otherwise not be able to afford internet marketing are able to use business blogs to promote their products and services. Even the most writing-averse small business owners usually find that they enjoy taking a few minutes out of every week to write about the industry they love.

What is a business blog?

Blogs are typically websites that are updated frequently, with many short entries and an opportunity for readers to comment on those entries. This entry itself is an entry within a business blog. Unlike formal articles and other types of web content, a business blog can usually be written using a more informal style; and may even include some personal anecdotes and humor. The blog entries can be written entirely by you-the owner-or by members of your staff. You may also choose to have the blogs written by professional copywriters who understand how to use internet keywords that can really drive up your readership numbers.

If you are looking for a cheap (think free) blog, there are plenty of options available. and offer free blogs; you just have to choose a blog name that has not already been taken. Just as you would with a regular website domain name, it is best to choose a name that corresponds with your business name, or close to it. You want to make your blog easy to find and easy for your readers to remember (Of course, the hope is that your blog will be so good that it will wind up as a bookmark on many a computer!).

For a more professional look, go ahead and pay for an official domain name. There are very affordable web hosting services with companies such as and other value services; however, you may find that the service is so minimal with this type of discount service that it is almost the same as using a free service. Of course, a quality web development company can offer you a blog or website that gives you truly professional service at surprisingly affordable prices. Shop around before you make the decision; or, try a free blog service until you begin to understand what a blog can really do for your business.

Do business blogs actually work?

If by “work” you mean do they increase your business’ visibility on the web, the answer is yes, with a few caveats:

  • Your blog needs to be updated regularly
  • Your blog needs to utilize all-important SEO keywords
  • Your blog needs to focus on topics that are timely, relevant and interesting to the readers

There really is nothing lost for your business by embarking on a business blogging venture. You just may enjoy writing the entries, interacting with readers and sharing your business knowledge. And as some blogs turn into real profit-makers, you have a lot to lose by not taking that chance.

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