7 Reasons Why No One Diggs You

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Author : Henry Adaso
Internet Copywriter

Talk to any savvy web marketer and they’ll tell you that social networking is all the rave these days. As the popularity of social networking grows, so does Digg’s status as one of the preferred vessels of social media marketing. Digg users are often trying to establish a presence on several social media sites. Constantly inundated by non-stop flow of information, social networking users sometimes find it difficult to balance the demands of every site. If that picture fits your situation, fret no more. There’s hope.

So, why exactly is your popularity index is stuck on that undesirable number called “0”? Read on.

You’re not an active user
Or maybe you are, but you’re not consistently active. Those are two different things. You can’t digg 500 articles one day and then disappear for 3 weeks. You have to show that you’re not just on Digg to promote your own agenda. One way to demonstrate that is by making sure you participate on a regular basis. It’s common practice for diggers to remove inactive users from their friends list.

You indulge in shameless self promotion
Most diggers can spot blatant self advertisement from a distance. If you’re submitting a bamillion links that all point to your site, you can kiss that dream of making it to the homepage goodbye. It’s a turn-off for many web users. An effective way to earn respect from your fellow diggers is by submitting stories that are unique, from a wide variety of sites. This may sound asinine to new diggers, but you can effectively drive traffic to your site by promoting other people’s content.

You lack focus
If you’re not getting any diggs on your submissions, chances are you’re not sharing quality links with your Digg community. If there are other things making demands on your time, consider setting aside a block of time each day to scour the Internet for quality content. If you consistently submit diggable items that will add value to other people’s socializing experience, many of them will notice and eventually digg your submissions.

You haven’t studied the success models
Here’s a bittersweet pill for new diggers: You can submit all the quality stories in the world and still wind up with 0 popular stories. Take time to study the Digg success models and observe the types of submissions that are constantly making it to the homepage. Notice the catchy titles, the high-quality articles, the seriously active users, among other things that make success possible on Digg.

You’re targeting the wrong users
If you’ve been adding friends randomly on Digg just to boost your friends list, you’re on the wrong track. If you take a closer look at that friend’s list, you may notice that some of your friends haven’t been active in ages. Cultivate an inner circle. Extend an invitation to people with similar interests and reach out to them.

You have no identity
If you’ve ever submitted a story on Digg, then you know that the site is very big on making sure that humans and only humans access their website. Put a name to the face and tell people about your interests. This will also enable others in your field to find you and socialize with you. That’s the bottom line, connecting with like-minded people, right?

You lack patience
Many users hear about Digg from their friends or through other sites and quickly sign up with high expectations. Devoid of successful submissions, many give up after a few weeks or even days of trying. The reality is that the major users that have prominent presence on Digg and other social media sites have been building up their profiles and relationships for a long time. Rather than approach Digg as a link dump, become genuinely interested in adding value to the community while maximizing your brand visibility. Digg diligently, but most importantly, digg patiently.

The core idea behind social networking is to provide an outlet for socializing with others. So, go forth, socialize, and be merry.

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