5 Reasons Your Blog Stinks

  August 25, 2008   Category :     Blogging | SEO Blogging   Directory One

The importance of blogging is no secret. You’re well aware of the many benefits that blogging can produce. But for some reason, your blog still stinks. It’s not doing anything for your company. Want to know why?

Here are 5 reasons your company blog stinks.

  1. Lack of Updates- The key to keeping your readers interested is to update regularly. I’m not saying you absolutely have to post something every day, but you can’t expect to build an audience by posting once a month. Your audience would lose interest during the time between posts. Find a posting schedule that fits your lifestyle, and do your best to stick with it. Your readers will appreciate knowing when they can expect new content.
  2. Unoriginal Content- The blogosphere is overflowing with blogs on virtually every subject. Do you want to know why so many blogs struggle to stand out in the crowd? Because they’re saying the exact same things everyone else in the crowd is saying. No one will want to read or link to your blog if your content is the same as 100 other blogs. Be unique. More importantly, be yourself. You have original thoughts. Put them in your blog.
  3. No Interaction- Many business owners commit the mistake of ignoring the social aspect of blogging. One of the greatest benefits of managing a blog is the instant feedback you get from your readers. This provides a great opportunity for interacting with your target audience. Don’t ignore the comments on your blog. Interact with the commentators. Get to know them, and they will become loyal followers.
  4. Focus is Too Broad- The most effective blogs are the ones that provide quality information about a specific niche. If your blog tries to cover every topic imaginable, you’ll lack a target audience. Instead, focus on a subject that you can provide unique, compelling content about. This will drive targeted traffic to your blog.
  5. Sales Driven Content- Your blog is not a sales letter. People don’t read blogs because they like reading advertisements. So, stop trying to sell on your blog. A blog is supposed to provide insight into the character of the author. It’s supposed to be a way for you to connect with your readers. Stop talking at your audience, and talk to them instead.

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