Website Analysis: Make Sure Your Business is Getting the Bang for Your Buck

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Website Analysis: Make Sure Your Business is Getting the Bang for Your Buck

Website Analysis: Make sure that your business is getting the bang for your buck! You may have a business website already, but do you know how well it is performing for you? Call the website experts in Houston at Directory One at 713-465-0051 to get this question answered today!

You should know exactly how many visitors you are receiving, where they are coming from and how long they are staying on your site… a minimum….

Maybe you already know all of this and you don’t understand why these numbers are so low! Maybe you have searched on the key phrases that seem like someone would type into a Google search engine when they are looking to purchase your products or services and you can’t seem to find your business website anywhere. Why is this??

Around every corner you will hear one person or another claiming that they know what they are doing with websites and search engine optimization. Maybe they use articles. Maybe they use maps. Maybe they use videos.

Here at Directory One, we not only stay on top of ALL of the best practices for successful, long-term SEO and business website development, but we have been doing it for over 20 years successfully…helping businesses to grow, increase their profits and succeed in the competitive business directory and online marketplace.

What’s Wrong with My Website?

If you are certain that you know what key phrases people are typing in to look for your services and you are certain that there is a large market of buyers out there who want what you sell, then you have no choice left but to ask yourself, “What’s Wrong with My Website?”

It’s time to end the guessing game. Stop asking your employees to figure it out and give the experts in the business website and SEO industry a call today! At Directory One, we would be more than happy to perform a website analysis for your company and provide you with a detailed listing of exactly what you need to do to start showing up at the top of Internet searches.

Did you know that the Google algorithms look for about 150 different things when determining which website out of millions in each category should go on those ever important first 3 pages? Are you in the top 30, top 20 or top 10 search results that are just about the only search results than anyone is even going to look at when they are surfing the web??

Protect Your Business Website Investment

It isn’t likely that it was particularly cheap for you to get your website built. Now, how much are you spending on having it maintained? If you are spending money on a website that isn’t generating results for you, every penny definitely counts!

Why waste your money and time on a business website for your Houston company that isn’t doing its job?

Give us a call to make sure that your business is getting the bang for your buck with your business website, which should be the foundation of and center of your business marketing universe. You can maximize your ROI (return on investment) today by giving Directory One a call.

Why Should I Optimize My Website?

A website analysis will help you to understand the details involved in optimizing your website. Many business owners are just now getting on-board with the online marketplace and having their business websites either built or updated. For some, it is difficult to completely understand the reason why a business website is necessary at all, and now they are being told they have to “optimize?”

A simple way of explaining the reasoning behind this would be to compare your website and the Internet to a large filing system. The Internet would be the building that contains millions of pieces of paper. Your website would be one of those pieces of paper.

You could just scratch out your company name and information and tell people why they should buy from you on a piece of paper (i.e. your business website.)

Then you could walk it over to the big building and just throw it into the stack of the millions of other pieces of paper.

That is what you are doing when you have a website built that is not optimized.

Now, consider that that same building also has an extremely large room with well-organized filing cabinets and some of the files are more easily accessed than others. Everything that starts with the letter “A” is the easiest to find.

Instead of just throwing your website onto the big pile of papers in the building, you decide to walk it over to the filing cabinets. (That’s what you are doing when you hire an SEO Company.)

Unfortunately, your business name starts with a “Z” and the filing cabinets with the “Z” assortment is situated down a very cramped hallway. The SEO Company you are using might attempt to help you to find a way to get your piece of paper titled so that it is a bit easier to reach in the filing cabinet system.

However, it will take an experienced Houston SEO Company like Directory One to tell you all the details involved in making sure that you get into the “A” filing cabinet, right up there in the front so that you don’t have to wonder at how much time your customers will actually spend perusing through the filing system before they ever even come across your piece of paper and the information that you put on it.

Now that you are in the front, you also want to make sure that the information on your piece of paper is fully developed (content development in Houston by Directory One) so that the customers who look at your page will actually feel motivated to give you a call and provide you with the opportunity to deliver your products and/or services to them.

This analogy could probably go on and on, but the fact remains that by calling Directory One to receive a website analysis for your company, you will be giving your business a real chance to succeed in today’s modern marketplace, the Internet.

We understand that you probably have many questions about how Houston Internet advertising can really help your business to grow and we are looking forward to discussing your opportunity for taking advantage of that business growth today!

Call 713-465-0051 and get your questions answered, get your specialized website analysis and make sure that your business is getting the bang for your buck when have a website built or when maintaining an already functioning website. There is no sense in throwing your money away on a company website that isn’t doing you any good. Nor is there any sense in ignoring the thousands and perhaps millions of customers who are looking for your products and services online right now.

Call Directory One today to avoid these pitfalls and start making more money from your company’s online presence now.

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