This Week in Internet Marketing: 6-27-08

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Author : Henry Adaso
Internet Copywriter

News, events, and happenings around the internet marketing universe this week.

Google Launches Google Trends for Websites
Google didn’t wait for the buzz to simmer on Google Trends before launching the Google Trends for Websites, a variation of the original tool. What’s the difference, you ask. Whereas regular Google Trends allows you to see how people are searching for specific terms, Google Trends for Websites allows you to compare website searches, estimated growth patterns, among other variables. You can also compare two competing websites to see who has the edge. It has an added value of showing related sites under the web search results.

Google Introduces Ad Planner
I’m all Googled out this week. What with all the Internet marketing tools Google has been dumping on us lately. Ad Planner is actually a precious little tool for Internet media planners that makes it easier to identify target audiences based on location, traffic, and a wide range of demographic information.

ICANN Okays New Domains
ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the Internet regulating body, unanimously agreed to add new top-level domains to the web. This means that your domain registration options will no longer be limited to .com, .net. .org, and the like. In addition to allowing new top-level Internet addresses, they also approved the creation of domains with non-ASCII characters. Which means you can now go ahead and create that website you’ve been planning to name after a Russian relative or any other non-English names you prefer.

Online Marketing Future Looks Bright
Can you guess what the 4 most popular online ventures are? Believe it or not, adult content, gambling, information, electronics and computing are the biggest online ventures today. Researchers predict that those fields will account for $5 billion of ad spending each by 2011. That’s a lot of dead presidents exchanging hands! But it gets better. Comprehensive online advertising is expected to reach $65 billion globally by the end of 2008. So, are you still thinking about that offline marketing job?

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