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  July 18, 2011   Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO   Philip O'Hara

Houston search engine optimization experts at Directory One know that real estate companies compete in a massive, demanding and highly dynamic business. This means realtors have to maximize their marketing to reach the greatest number of customers and stand out from the crowd.  There are many techniques to maximize a realtor’s presence on the web; one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve this goal is to post new content on a web site.

Posting search engine optimized content such as blog posts and articles can be one of the most effective real estate marketing tools available, allowing you to promote your website and increase your search engine rankings. High quality, engaging and informative content optimized with strategically placed keywords is a sure fire way to get visitors directed to your site by the search engines and convince them to buy your products or employ your services.

While producing real estate SEO content for a web site, it’s important to remember that you’re writing for two audiences – the search engine spiders, which look for specific keywords and phrases and the human visitors who are looking for fresh informative content. Keywords only get your site ranked and direct visitors to your site. High quality, engaging and informative content will convince the visitors not only to stick around and check out the rest of your web site but also to return, hopefully on a regular basis. That’s why it’s important to regularly post new content and update older material.

Real estate is a huge business, meaning there are almost limitless topics that can be covered in your content. Foreclosures, auctions, new subdivisions, new technology – these all make good subjects for a blog or article. Carefully choose your keywords or keywords phrases – too many superficial keywords could defeat the purpose of creating new content.  SEO writing for the real estate market often utilizes geo-targeted keywords.

Geo-targeted keywords are designed to attract an audience searching for a product or service in a specific geologic location, such as a city or neighborhood.

There are many companies that specialize in providing internet marketing for real estate agents. In Houston, companies like Directory One Internet Marketing have many years of experience producing SEO content for a wide range of businesses. Directory One has the proven ability to make you business stand out from the crowd. Contact them at 713-465-0051 to find out how these Houston SEO experts can help you develop an effective real estate internet marketing plan for your business.

SEO For Real Estate

SEO For Real Estate

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