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Organic marketing benefits include dominating the Internet pages for search results relating to key terms that your consumers are searching on in order to purchase your product or service, if you contact the top SEO company Directory One by calling 713-465-0051.

When thousands of competitive links are listed as a reference in the search engine, effective organic marketing will not only bring your company’s listing to the top, but also push a number of your competitors right off of the first page of search results. How would you like for your customer base to search and find you to be the only option or at least 5 out of 10 of the options that they see in the results that come up on the first page?

With a diversified organic marketing campaign, this is a possibility for your company.

Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky

Google has a feature in their search engines called “I’m feeling lucky.” You may have seen this when doing your Internet searches. There are actually thousands of people daily who click on this instead of the basic search button after typing in a keyword phrase.

When your customer clicks on the “I’m feeling lucky” button in Google, they will not be taken to a page of 10 different search result links the way that they are directed when they click on the basic search.

“I’m feeling lucky” will actually take the potential client directly into the website that is listed as the first organic listing on the regular search results page. This means that every single customer of yours who clicks that feature does not even see any of the paid advertising listed in the top and side bar of the Google search engine. Nor do they see any of the two through ten links on the search results page.

The only thing that searcher will be seeing is the actual website that was listed at the top of Google search’s free or organic listings. They will not see pay per click ads. They will not see yellow pages ads. They will not even see the Google maps ads that always come up at the top of the search engine results above the organic listings. Your customers will only see the actual website of that first place organic link.

Importance of Organic Marketing

These facts mentioned above demonstrates the utmost importance that you should place on your organic Internet marketing campaign. With a regular monthly service such as Directory One provides, your company can be brought to the top of the organic search listings and even remain there.

Using only integrity-driven methods has given Directory One the credibility it needs to help our customers develop and maintain top search engine listing results.

If you are serious about your Internet marketing campaign, you will employ the services of Directory One to receive organic marketing benefits today. Call us to learn more about the multi-faceted Internet marketing campaign offerings we will utilize to assist your company at 713-465-0051.

Your customers are looking for you right now. Make sure to help them in their search!

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