According to SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization), over 14 billion searches are conducted on-line monthly by consumers all around the world. The majority of these searches are made by individuals seeking out some form of information that is commercial in its nature, whether this is directly or indirectly commercial information.

One of the reasons that search engine marketing, i.e. Internet marketing, is so critical is that it is a method of reaching out to a specific consumer base at the precise moment that each customer is looking for a specific service. Even though this would have seemed an impossible marketing dream 30 years ago, it is the reality of today.

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SEO (search engine optimization) is so critical today because of the search engine directories becoming one of the most popular ways to find any kind of information.

With so many different websites, it is impossible for your business to be found online if you do not include search engine marketing in your advertising budget. If your customer base is not finding you online, they are buying from your competition instead of you.

There are literally billions of websites online. The two biggest factors that the search engines check to determine whether or not a website should show up as a result of a particular key word search term are content and back-links.

If the content demonstrates to the search engine that a website will adequately answer the query of the customer and if there are many other links directing traffic to that website, then the search engine algorithms are willing to consider that website as a valid response to customer inquiries.

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