Friday October 31st Internet Marketing Roundup

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Eric Brantner
SEO Content Writer
As usual, there were many great blog posts this past week. Here are 5 of my favorite Internet marketing articles that you may have missed.

  1. First up is a list of 50 great web design for ROI, usability and SEO articles. These articles contain some great information, and the list is current with some of the latest articles. This could take a while to read, but it’s something to check out when you’re pretending to work.
  2. Did you miss Scary SEO, the conference in South Florida? Well don’t be afraid because Pixel Position created a list of 95 killer tips from Scary SEO. The list has some great points to make sure your SEO strategy isn’t missing anything.
  3. Do you have great products and quality content, but you aren’t getting any sales? You might be making one of these 3 common copywriting mistakes. Avoid these mistakes, and soon your website visitors will turn into loyal customers.
  4. What can Quantum of Solace teach us about information architecture? Poor information architecture can ruin the chances of your website being successful online. Structure your site properly and in an easy-to-follow format to make your page easier to browse and crawl.
  5. What are people searching for on the internet at any given moment? This post will help you find the most popular search terms of the moment. By understanding these trends you can stay current and maximize your traffic. Hopefully, the search engines will provide more in-depth information on the current search trends at some point soon.

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