A Blog and an SEO Driven Website: Is There a Difference?

  April 9, 2008   Category :     Blogging | SEO Blogging   Philip O'Hara

Author: April Hall
Content Writer

In one word: yes.

Many companies are interested in improving their internet presence and have heard of a free way to do this by creating a business blog. It sounds great: a free internet site that is easy to use, easy to change and can basically be about any topic. And a blog really is a great implementation for some companies; however it is usually quite insufficient on its own.

A blog is a website that includes short entries that are posted in reverse chronological order (yes, this is a blog!). Usually the posts are relatively short, which means they are a far cry from actual articles. In order to be effective and maintain a loyal readership, blogs should be updated very regularly-several times a week, if possible. Entries are sometimes an almost stream-of-consciousness endeavor and are written as much for their aesthetic value as they are for any information value. So, blogs can be fun-and can even be an important part of your company’s overall marketing strategy-but are they enough?

In one word: No.

Any company that wants to truly become an internet presence must turn to an SEO-Driven website.  There are over 112 million blogs on the internet, which means the chances of yours building any sort of readership on its own (particularly readership that will translate to customers) is quite minimal. You need to find a way to draw people to your website… People who are looking for your products and services… People who will become customers… This is done through the use of the right keywords and expert content development. Adding a blog to your website may be part of that strategy, but it certainly cannot stand alone and be successful.

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