5 Sure-Fire Ways Not to Link Build

  June 6, 2013   Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO   Philip O'Hara

Link building is important to search engine optimization. It is the map that lets search engines know how pages are related. Relevancy is key to the recent changes in the algos.

You don’t want to be insignificant to your visitors and other authorities in your field, do you?

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Kill Link Building

  1. Not understanding the real importance of link building
    Link building is important to your website. The more folks referencing you, the more authority you have to the search engine’s eyes. Links to your sites from others establish you as credible and trustworthy (i.e. you aren’t a spammer, scammer, or other similar web scum sucker). Who wants to be a cyberspace reprobate? If you don’t understand this, your link building is DOA.
  2. Failing to develop a link building strategy
    Strategies are merely action plans to accomplish major objectives. You most likely have a business strategy and a website strategy among others. You’ve taken the time to:

    • Clearly define goals
    • Set deadlines for goal accomplishment
    • Developed methods to measure results of your strategy
    • Regularly evaluate and update your strategy so it keeps working

    The same goes for you link building efforts. It takes time and clear vision to develop a good strategy how to entice others to link back to you. One sure fire way to murder link building efforts is not to have a concise strategy.

  3. Not creating quality content to entice linking
    Great content attracts visitors to your website. They can’t wait to see what you have to say next.
    People naturally want to be associated with the best. If you have unique, relevant content, others will reward you by naturally referencing you in their own content. Don’t be fooled. Other authorities in your niche are also checking you out. If you don’t have a strategy for content development, both your visitors and other authorities will view you as inconsequential. Not creating shareable content will destroy link building quicker than a lightning strike. In other words, you can build it but they won’t come.
  4. Not attending to social media
    It seems like the jury’s still hung regarding the importance of social media in link building efforts. While social shares and retweets do not carry the same weight as a bona fide backlink from a related website, evidence points to Google incorporating social media into its algorithms and results. Not updating your social media status with sharable content means you blow a chance to get potential backlinks to your site.
  5. Missing the point of link building
    The whole point of link building is to increase sales from your website. If you completely disregard this point and focus solely on search engine ranking, your website will attract the wrong kind of traffic. People who focus solely on ranking probably don’t have any high quality linkbacks.

A good link building campaign is an important part of search engine optimization. If you have fantastic content and actively seek linkbacks, you will increase your site’s popularity and entice others to share all the content you have worked so hard to develop.

Isn’t popularity with your readers and other heavy weights in your niche just as important as page rank? Don’t you want to be a niche authority? Then you really shouldn’t make these 5 link building blunders.

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