Top 7 Things You Can Do To Help Your Website Appear In Search Results

  December 23, 2007   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   Philip O'Hara

Author: Philip O’Hara
CEO Directory One, Inc.

1. Build your website so Google, Yahoo, and MSN can Index it. Stay away from content management systems that are hard to read. View your Page Source or HTML coding by right clicking on your website and opening a notepad file with the source code.

Does your source code look organized? It should. Will your code validate? See . This is the most important step in achieving search results. Your website must be built right. Use CSS, HTML, and load it down with keyword-rich content. See Directory One’s Website Design page for more information.

2. Content – Keyword-Rich content and organized navigation.

3. Linking – Get links from any relevant sites and directories that you can, especially those sites that are linking to your most successful competitors. It would be wise, for instance, to buy a $299-a-year link in the Yahoo Directory.

4. Make sure that the URL is search engine friendly. A good URL to sell Search Engine Optimization is
A dash is actually preferable to an underscore.

5. Articles
a. For content to your site.
b. An avenue for attaining back links.

6. Press Releases using PR Web –

7. Interlinking of pages in the content. Linking the keywords and phrases to the appropriate section of the website.

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