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  March 5, 2009   Category :     Twitter Social Networking   Philip O'Hara

According to during the month of February, 2009 Twitter had 54,218,731 visitors, 5,979,052 unique visitors and although it would be difficult to measure, probably around the same number of Twitter evangelists singing its praises.

If you are one of the many straddling the fence so to speak, it’s time to take action and make your move. There absolutely must be something to all this Twitter frenzy with over fifty four million unique visitors a month. Let’s just say it’s not likely that fifty four million people could all be wrong.

If you know you should be on Twitter but you’re still on the fence and haven’t signed up yet, or if you’re just starting out there, make sure to watch the “Twitter In Plain English” video and check out the following links to what I consider the ultimate twitter starting point on the web:

Carolyn Middlebrook proves once again the old adage, (well maybe it isn’t really so old) that if you provide quality content that people actually need, good things will follow.

Even more helpful than her free Twitter Guide, Carolyn Middlebrook’s Twitter FAQanswers most of questions that many people seem to have when first starting out.

What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

Sure there are a lot of irrelevant tweets out there that you’ll need to wade through. I mean who really cares what people are having for lunch or when they’re heading off to sleep? Taken as a whole, however, you can always stop following those folks.

Even if you never figure out how to actually make money on Twitter, if you follow the right people, you’ll certainly be pointed in the right directions to learn something new every day. Start by following Chris Brogan, for example, and you’ll be pointed toward more of the best content on the web than you’ll have time to read.

Twitter Goals

Although most people say that in order to succeed on Twitter, you have to set clearly defined goals and establish actionable tactics to reach them, (or was that Google Web Optimizer) I say make your first Twitter goal to learn as much as you can until you know enough about social media in general and Twitter specifically to set realistic, attainable Twitter goals.

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