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Mobile Website Design, It’s More Important Than You Think

  March 14, 2012
  Category :     Mobile Website SEO,   Search Engine Optimization | SEO
  Philip O'Hara
Houston SEO Services: Mobile Websites Website Marketing Firms can all agree that mobile website design is essential for maximum customer accessibility. It's 2012 and the majority of Americans are carrying smartphone devices in their pockets and purses. Not having a smartphone in today’s society is like going to work or school without wearing pants. Thus, these cell phone savvy individuals are navigating...

Houston SEO Link Building & How to Check Backlinks

  August 9, 2011
  Category :     SEO Link Building
  Philip O'Hara
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="461" caption="Houston SEO"][/caption] Houston SEO What Is Link Building Houston SEO experts know that an important part of optimization is link building. Link building used to only mean internal and inbound links. Internal links are links from one page on a site to another page on the same site. These links are usually in the form of...