Setting Up Pay Per Click in Google Part II

  September 6, 2007   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   Directory One

Author: Anne-Christine Johnson
Directory One, Inc.
Google Pay Per Click Expert

Once you have ad groups and written ads, you can start putting them into Google Adwords. This is a repetitive copy-and-paste process but well worth it, if you know how to apply Broad, Phrase and Exact matching to your keywords. Using these matching options not only bring impressions but also potential clicks. Ad groups, ads and keywords stay the same. There is no extra work required thanks to a tool called Adwords Wrapper.

Example: Broad: A/C Services
Phrase: “A/C Services”
Exact:  [A/C Services]

Broad, Phrase and Exact each have their own benefits and pitfalls. Exact match doesn’t receive as many clicks and impressions as Broad might; however Broad match is not as keyword targeted as Phrase match.

Broad:  If someone searches air conditioning service, your ad appears and can also appear in the plural and in various relevant forms such as central air conditioning service.

Phrase: Keywords in quotation marks allow your ads to appear only as air conditioning service or possibly air condition service or even with other terms. Phrase match targets more than Broad match.

Exact: This is the most targeted way of matching. Air conditioning service searched exactly that way allows your ad to appear as that and nothing else…not central air condition or air condition service or air conditioning services. Impressions are weaker with Exact match but you are most likely to get clicks from the clients you want.

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