SEO Strategies: 7 Effective keyword research techniques

  July 18, 2008   Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO   Directory One

Author: Thomson Chemmanoor

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Keyword research is more of an art than a science. Finding keyword phrases is one of the fundamental components of search engine optimization, but yet it is one of the the least talked about optimization techniques. If you are not doing effective keywords research, your SEO efforts will go astray. Keywords are still the most important aspect of optimization. Here are seven techniques to effective keyword research.

1) Remove misconception – One of the common mistakes about conducting keyword research for SEO campaigns is thinking that you already know what phrases or words the customer is using to find your website. Actually you don’t. It is difficult to predict what customers will type in a search box without conducting keyword research. Another misconception is aiming for generic keywords which are so broad they are hard to rank.

2) Ask your readers – If you already have some reader base, they probably have questions. Allow them to email or post comments which will give you ideas on what they are looking for.

3) Build a list – Try to come up with a combination of words. Brainstorm keywords with other staff members, family and friends to find out what potential customers would type in a search box to find you.

4) Check your log files – Use your web analytics or raw log file with search query terms to see what people typed in to find your website. Based on those queries, expand your keyword list.

5) Spy on your competition – Review what your competition is doing and look at the questions and comments posted on their blogs and site.

6) Rely on keyword suggestion tools – Don’t rely on a single tool but use different keywords suggestion tools like word tracker, Google Adwords and keyword discovery. By doing this you can find in-depth long tail keywords which have less competition and can rank easier.

7) Yahoo! Answers– Yahoo answers and other question and answers websites will provide insight into what kind of keywords they use to ask questions.

No matter how much time you invest in keyword research, the quality of the keywords you gain will be an invaluable tool for any SEO initiative.

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