SEO Snake Oil References Get Old Fast

  April 7, 2008   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   Directory One

Author: Eric Brantner

SEO Content Writer

Working as a website copywriter, I do a lot of reading about the SEO industry. It never takes long for me to find someone badmouthing the industry by calling those in it “SEO snake oil salesmen.” They do this to suggest these companies are full of dishonest people that are pulling the wool over their customers’ eyes. SEO detractors have been fighting vigorously to attach a negative connotation to the term.

SEO is not a money making scheme that belongs on a late night infomercial. It is not a method for scamming the system. Search engine optimization is a multifaceted technique that helps people reach their target audience. True SEO is achieved by creating great content, implementing smart design, and placing a priority on usability. Granted, that is a drastic oversimplification of the SEO process, but this post is not dedicated to explaining the intricacies of search engine optimization.

SEO haters want you to believe that it is enough to have a great product. That could not be more distant from the truth. If you do not employ basic SEO techniques on your website, the audience you are aiming for will never find you. It’s no coincidence that companies using SEO methods frequently rank higher than their traditional counterparts.

It is also a fact that most web sessions begin with a search. The major search engines have methods that determine how they rank websites. Using SEO is a way to help people find the content they are searching for. The confused, bitter people that say SEO doesn’t matter are stuck in an archaic mindset that paints the entire industry with one broad stroke. Saying that SEO is irrelevant is like claiming that a business’ location doesn’t matter. Try selling air conditioners in Antarctica and see how well you do.

I would be lying if I said there are no bad companies selling SEO snake oil out there. Sure there are some, but there are also bad doctors, teachers, mechanics, jewelers, lawyers, and a whole host of other professionals. In other words, every industry has a few bad apples, but to label the entire industry as bad exhibits ignorance on the part of those doing so.

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