SEO Marketing: A Comprehensive Approach

  January 24, 2013   Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO   Philip O'Hara

Having an internet presence has become an essential part of any marketing strategy. Directory One — a search engine marketing firm based in Houston — can help put your business on the virtual map! Call 713.465.0051 to learn more about our SEO marketing services.

Custom Search Engine Optimization Marketing

Every company has different goals. Whether you simply need to create a website or you would like to increase traffic to your website, Directory One can help.

First, we meet with you to discuss what your search engine marketing goals are. We can help you establish your internet presence by purchasing the most advantageous domain name and designing your website.

Our SEO marketing firm also specializes in content development. We collaborate with you to identify the top keyword search phrases for your industry and company. Then we write all the material for your website in such a way that your website starts to climb in the search result rankings. Essentially, we are experts at getting our clients’ websites on the first page of Google search results!

We understand the importance of getting our clients involved in their own search engine optimization marketing. For this reason, social media plays a very important role in our SEO marketing strategy. We set up and maintain Twitter and Facebook accounts for your company. Further, we also provide blog writing services to keep your website rankings high! These aspects of search engine marketing can be managed by you so that you are in control of your company’s image.

For cost-efficient marketing, look no further than your professional SEO marketing firm, Directory One. Whatever your needs, Directory One can help. To learn more about our search engine marketing services, please call 713.465.0051.

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