Search Engine Optimization: The Evolution of the Business Website

  June 9, 2010   Category :     Search Engine Optimization | SEO   Philip O'Hara

Search Engine Optimization: Managing the evolution of the business website can be a time-consuming task and a risky one as well. I will describe further details about this subject of the process of growing your business and adapting your business website to meet the needs of constant change in today’s technology business tools, but first, if you have reached this page because you are seeking a reliable source for SEO web design and updating, please feel free to give the technology experts at Directory One a call now at 713-465-0051 to allow us to use our several decades of experience in our field to help you with your future business growth.

SEO Website Updating

When you or your web team make updates and changes to your business website, can you be certain that those changes and web updates will not harm your Google search engine ranking or results page positioning status?

If you or your staff are not devoted followers of the more than 300 changes the Google web team makes to their algorithms each year, identifying which business websites provide excellent exposure online, then you are most certainly risking affecting your profits and business stability every time you make a website change.

The words in the content on your web pages, the structure of your website and how readable it is for search engine spiders, little things like sitemaps and robot text files, the words you choose to link in your web pages, how many links you have in your website on specific pages, whether you have internal links or external links, the load speed of your web pages and the priority these pages are listed in are only a few examples of details that are often adjusted when website changes are made, which can affect whether you show up on page 1, 2, or 3 of Google and whether you do not show up to approximately 90% of the Internet searchers.

Houston SEO Firm: Minimize Your Risk

The risk is very real, but when you use the services of web technology and SEO experts at Directory One, one of the oldest SEO firms in Houston, you can relax with the knowledge that these little changes that can make huge financial differences to your company will be handled effectively as your business website is continuously optimized and updated to maintain your opportunity for long-term success via proper management of the tools available to your company through Internet marketing and website development.

Please call 713-465-0051 to speak with the skilled professionals at Directory One who will be happy to provide you with a website analysis and discuss your business goals for lasting growth in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

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