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  March 7, 2007   Category :     SE Vertical Marketing   Directory One

Author: Philip O’Hara
CEO & Founder

Directory One, Inc. has added three more employee’s this week. We added a new receptionist and a new SEO writer. On Monday, we also had a new accounting person start. This makes 4 really good search engine optimizers on our team, David Ogletree, Amir Zaman, Herb Firestone, and Terri Stevens. Pablo Gomez and Arthur Brown are becoming great SEO Web Designers too. ┬áJeremy Brake and Josh Cornett are teaching some CSS classes in our conference room this Saturday.

Most of this growth is from the new contracts Directory One has won lately from its’ Physician and Attorney customers. They are seeing great opportunity to their practices a lot quicker. A physician or attorney in any city in the U.S. could use the expertise we have gained with our Houston Texas customers.

Lize`and Shaun are still holding down the Louisville office and Shaun had some help from an Intern for a while. Shaun started a blog on

Since the Christmas rush, Directory One has many people to thank including special thanks to these team members: Roseann Janek, Cristy Hayes, John Phillipe, Brian Beardon, Rachael Dunlap, Mark Weber, and Patrick O’Shea. They all have contributed to making 2007 our best year ever. Our customers have really rallied around us and we have spent a great deal of time with many customers.

Any time that a Directory One Employee can spend time with our customers it is time well spent. I want all my customers to get to know the whole team over here at the Directory One, Inc. office.

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