Ray Tomlinson, inventor of modern email, has passed away

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Remembering Raymond Tomlinson, an innovative pioneer of the internet

CNN is reporting that the inventor of modern email, Raymond Tomlinson, has passed away on March 5, 2016, at the age of 74. Tomlinson invented “direct emails” which enabled people to send electronic messages to specific addresses. Prior to Tomlinson’s innovation, electronic messages could only be sent to people using the same computer.

CNBC notes that the popularity of the “@” symbol is largely contributed to Tomlinson, since he utilized this symbol as a connection between the username and destination address in emails. Currently, the “@” symbol is widely used in both email and social media platforms to instantly send messages to specific people. Tomlinson once told NPR that he chose the “@” symbol because it was “ the only preposition on the keyboard.” Before his utilization of the “@” symbol, it was seldom used.

The Internet Hall of Fame also notes that Tomlinson helped adapt email standards, which include the standard email fields “from, subject and date.”

Tomlinson is one of the notable pioneers in internet history, and his contribution has influenced the concept of fast communication that has been largely influential in the growth of the internet. Businesses now have the ability to create email marketing campaigns that serve as an integral marketing vehicle to reach to current and potential customers. His contribution to the internet has helped organizations become instantly connected.

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