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  September 21, 2007   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   Directory One

Author: Pablo Gomez
Web Design Expert
Directory One, Inc.

I meet with the client so that I can have all the details before starting work on their website. In some cases, clients want to keep the look they have on their sites. However, they will convert their sites to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), since this is a more friendly search engine marketing technology for building sites.

I always suggest it is better to change the look of your website at certain times. I compare a website with the clothes we wear, since clothes are part of fashion. Since fashion changes often and you always want to be in fashion, your website needs to change to be fashionable, contemporary or just to change its look.

If the client has decided to go for the re-design, or is a new client that wants to start from scratch building a website, then I have them show me samples of other websites. Seeing their competition helps us figure out a plan for the best looking site possible.

I personally like to work on just one ProtoSite (mock-up). That one ProtoSite has to reflect the best possible design I can come up with. Of course, if the client doesn’t like it then I work on one or two more choices. My belief is that the client deserves the best layout I can give them.

I always stick to the corporate colors of the company or the colors that client has requested. If they don’t have a logo, I will come up with a logo that reflects the Company’s corporate image.

Images and colors are the best way to make a website look good. If you have good imagery on the homepage and throughout the entire site, it reflects that the company is very professional. On the other hand, if you have poor images searchers may think twice about exploring your website. Personally, I’m not sure if I can trust websites with poor photography.

The layout is very important because it will help customers navigate. Here is where the good use of color will play an important role. If the site is harmonious and colors have been properly combined it will be pleasing to the eye. This will assure that your potential customers will enjoy navigating in your website.

In the end, consistency is reflected in the good selection of fonts, colors, backgrounds, and where the navigation is located. All these elements will determine an attractive and pleasing design to the visitor. For example, this image of  “Rouge Restaurant” is a ProtoSite of how the website will look. After the client has approved the ProtoSite, along with any modifications, they request the process of building the site.

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