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Follow the simple code example below in order to implement a page specific 301 redirect. This is also a handy redirect for informing a search engine spiders that a web page has permanently moved.

Warning, you will be editing your .htaccess file, so please be careful and make a backup of the original just in case there is a problem.

First, download the .htaccess file via FTP. Next open the .htaccess file with a plain text editor such as notepad. If there’s already code in the file be sure you skip a line before adding the code below. Now copy and paste the following code into the .htaccess file;

(without the “<– –>” part)

RedirectPermanent /old.html

Next, replace the “old_page” portion with your unique “page name”, save and upload.

Now when somebody requests old.html they will be automatically redirected to

Note, be sure to include a space between the old page and new location portion, see below;
/old_page.html space

For more information about 301 redirects, please see

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