Net Neutrality and Search Engine Optimization

  September 7, 2007   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   Directory One

Author: Lara Crandell
Directory One, Inc.
PPC Management

SEO being our livelihood here at Directory One,Inc. should bring about
a lot of concerns when it comes to the possible loss of Net Neutrality. Not only should we worry, but so must all of the other small businesses out there. My father, brother, neighbor and my favorite local music store
down the road all need to read up and get educated on the effects of what can and will happen if we do not fight this.

With so many concerns in creating a successful strategy for our clients campaigns, net neutrality should be the last thing we need to worry about. There should be no concerns when it comes to whether or not an internet service provider (ISP) will allow us access to our client’s websites.

Have we just been spoiled with what the internet has offered us since day one? I don’t think so. I think this is just another way for some of the big guys to make more money. So, how will this affect all of us?

A brief description on Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality means there are now no restrictions on what software or hardware is able to access certain networks. The internet is currently neutral but there is arguing going on now in Congress that is trying to change this, to allow ISPs to favor one product (software or hardware) over another.

Here are some links that are helpful in understanding Net Neutrality.

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