Internet Marketing Reaches Billions of Consumers

  July 20, 2009   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   Philip O'Hara

Internet marketing reaches billions of consumers according to the world Internet usage statistics reported for March 2009. More than one and a half billion people are regular users of the Internet around the globe today.

This is actually only 23.8% of the global population, but the number is growing on a daily basis.

In North America alone approximately 251.3 million people are surfing the Internet daily. This number is simply too large for businesses to ignore the advertising potential connected to Internet marketing.

Internet Advertising

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Getting ahead of the millions of websites listed on major search engines is not always an easy feat. Advancing while following the necessary guidelines to avoid being de-indexed by the search engines for methods that are unscrupulous is also extremely important to know how to do.

Many unfortunate would-be successful businesses are duped into paying large sums of money to various SEO companies that would claim to get them high placement on search engine pages within a few days.

While it is possible through skill and experience to receive a high ranking on-line in a relatively expedient manner, sometimes even just a few days, the majority of those boasting these guarantees are conning naïve businesses into practices that quickly get the major search engines to drop them off the radar.

This means disaster for companies who depend upon being found on-line through keyword searches for keeping their business afloat and even thriving.

Reach Millions of Consumers

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